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Land Types and Councils

We understand the complex path to building. Our highly experienced team have dealt with many situations and can guide you through the most effective strategy, design and building.

When you’re building with Built Solutions you can be assured that we know how to deal with all kinds of land issues and working with Councils.

Built Solutions has built across a wide range of council areas and land types

With have particular experience with building on slopes, sand and rocky types which is something work comfortably within. There’s very little with regard to land types and working in both the city, suburbs and rurally and our successful management process.

We have good relationships with many different councils and we understand the different process quite well as we have that broad experience.

With regard to energy efficiency we understand the different climate zones that are inherit with different council zones. Each of the climate zones, ie Mount Barker have different climate zone to Elizabeth. Different materials and building. We do our research every-time and have quite a broad knowledge in different situations.

The Council process can vary considerably but with our backgournd and experience we understand that to fast track the process as much as possible.

We’re always in contact with surrounding neighbours early in the piece. Depending on the size of the project we may engage with the community early when Council is involved for approval. Our supervisors are always in contact with neighbours prior to construction to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.

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