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Energy Efficiency

With Built Solutions being a design and construction company we integrate energy efficiency naturally into all our designs.

So early in the design process we’re considering orientation, materiality, locations of windows, and the way the home functions and how we can design an energy efficient home but a comfortable home.

We can support a large range of approaches across all budgets.

It really doesn’t cost any more to improve the layout and design of a house for energy efficiency. From our Terrace Homes and Investor Range products we’re implementing design principles such as orientation, placement of doors and windows, and types of cladding materials used on the house to make it a more efficient house.

For the custom projects to high end projects we’re researching and using new materials and systems that enhance the energy efficiency of the home. From hydronic under floor heating, uPVC double glazed windows, solar PV systems, battery backups, ceramic insulation cool roof coatings to new types of heating and cooling systems.

Built Solutions also look for different ways to make water and electricity go further or have less demands. This includes shading options, water tank capacity and much more.

Without doubt, energy efficient homes are our future. Built Solutions are acutely aware of that and invested in energy efficient homes. We have built 7 Star NatHERS homes that align with advanced energy efficient standards. We are, however always looking for new innovations that improve homes with positive energy efficiency for the future.

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