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Design and Selections

Realise Your Dream Home

Designing your home is a collaborative process at Built Solutions. Our team will guide you through this process over a series of meetings and ongoing consultation. We’re good listeners and will work closely with you to ensure your vision is realised. 

Whatever the style, we are passionate about design and will meticulously plan every detail, colour, texture, finish and element ensuring you know what your house will look and feel like the day you move in.

We use innovative technology throughout our process to help you visualise the details, tweaking and refining as we go.


We specialise in one-off homes and believe design is a process. We believe in spending the time in selections to enable our clients to visualise even the smallest details of their homes - from doorknobs to hinges. No detail is too small.

Joe Scinto​

You can never spend too long planning... Think of the project holistically starting with the orientation and location of your block. It's all a jigsaw puzzle from the materials you use to a functional floor plan that suits your lifestyle. Spend time on your selections... stay away from trends for timeless home that will hold its value. Good designs really enhance your lifestyle.

Joe Scinto

We partner with trusted suppliers and are constantly researching new and innovative products. 

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