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Our design team work with the latest materials and designs to ensure your project meets all your needs. As an example we worked on a modern calm palette for our clients new project in Mount Barker.

We are looking forward to seeing your project come to life. Speak to us today about how our design team can help turn your ideas into reality! 

Zip Taps – Innovation Flows

The range of Zip Taps is extensive that may suit all budgets. From an integrated filter mixer to fully carbonated boiling hot/cold with specialty finishes. We know what our customers want and we’ve used that knowledge to create new, more intuitive features. The new HydroTap Classic Plus design features include:

  • More intuitive sparkling water activation: Button activation on the new antimicrobial touchpad means anyone can now use the product without instruction.
  • More intuitive controls: Introduction of continuous flow feature to fill bottles, as well as an improved font design to prevent overflow.
  • Enhanced hygiene: Addition of SteriTouch® on the new antimicrobial touchpad provides an added layer of safety and protection by preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Sleek new design: The new look tap is available in seven ultra-modern finishes, including brushed chrome, matte black and brushed rose gold.

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Austral Bricks Forest range

South Australia has a rich history of brick making, and the Forest range brings that history up to date for projects seeking an authentic provenance. Made from locally sourced clays, each brick has been carefully designed to exude a grounded realness, but with a contemporary edge. Mid range in terms of price.

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AEG Appliances: 130 Years of Appliance Excellence

For over 130 years AEG has been driven by a passion for intelligent design to develop exceptional appliances with class-leading performance and future forward technology. You can’t help but be impressed with AEG’s range of kitchen and laundry appliances, masterfully engineered by professional designers to combine art with technology. After 125 years of innovation, they continue to explore possibilities of design and manufacturing excellence. As a result, the latest appliances from AEG embody the principle of being Perfekt in Form und Funktion, delivering solutions that truly enhance the contemporary lifestyle.

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